Cuties Like Me

Why We're Here

As adults, we all want the kids in our lives to grow up surrounded by images that reinforce their self-image. Even a baby recognizes faces at a young age, so why shouldn't the face looking back at her look more like she does?

All kids should be able to play with toys, read books and see every day images that look a lot like they do. It's about role models, but even deeper, it's about self-esteem and self-worth. All our kids matter; all our kids should be seen.

Join the Movement

We're just starting out but we have a biiiiig vision!

We plan to offer dozens of products that show our kids that they matter too, that we see them, and that we want them to see themselves, in a fantasy underwater world, like our mermaids, and in real life too. We'll bring you more products for little girls, products for little boys, and for children of different cultures and ethnicities. 

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